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    Mike Keneally (With The Metropole Orkest)-The Universe Will Provide, relesed in 2004. Some fusion between Rock and Classical music.

    1.Blue 68 1:52
    2.All of Them Were Quiet 6:12
    3.Room 6:01
    4.Insert Here I 0:39
    5.Archaic Peace Strategies 2:58
    6.Four Slices of Toast 11:45
    7.Mwah (2) 1:43
    8.Worrywort Spoonguy 5:55
    9.When Drums Dream 1:04
    10.Insert Here II 0:34
    11.Not Just Flutes 4:47
    12.Quiet? 1:24
    13.Bullies 6:46

    The Universe Will Provide is an album released by Mike Keneally in 2004, it's one of the two recordings of his collaboration with The Metropole Orkest, the other album being Parallel Universe. The albums genre is a mix of Classical music and rock music.

    Most of the songs can be described as Stravinskyesque compositions that are accompanied by electric guitar, bass and drums. Of course some songs rock a little more than others, especially Worrywort Spoonguy. But all of the songs contain a lot from both genres.

    If you listen to the enitre album at once, the songs blend perfectly together, so much so that I can't really say which song is which. The only one that you notice is the previously mentioned song.

    Mike Keneally is the former ''stunt-guitarist'' for Frank Zappa and played live with him in the 80s. He is one of the best guitarists and composers alive today and is almost criminally unknown. His music is very influenced by his time with Zappa and his early records sounded a lot like Zappa's music. As the years went on he developed more personal style and you can mostly describe his music as beautiful guitar solos and complicated rythms, which I guess you can call Zappa's music also, but they sound different, belive me.
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    Very good review again Noak, I have never heard of this guy before, but I'm not a big Zappa fan so that's understandable. I will put this album on my shopping list, anything that combines rock and classical with Stravinskyesque overtones has to be good.

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