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    Early in 2007, producer Rob Cavallo asked Shinedown frontman Brent Smith about his goals for the band's new album. Smith didn't hesitate.

    "I said, 'You know what -- when I'm dead and gone, when everybody in this band has passed or what have you, I want the world to remember this as a record that needed to be made, and that there was a reason for it,' " Smith says. "That was the motivation behind this album.”

    "And part of the reason it took so long to make!"

    Welcome then to THE SOUND OF MADNESS, Shinedown's third album -- and the Florida rockers' boldest effort to date. Like its two predecessors, 2003's Platinum LEAVE A WHISPER and 2005's Gold US AND THEM, THE SOUND OF MADNESS offers a brave and unsparing look into the soul and psyche amidst a fierce musical attack that, even in its quieter moments, vibrate with the passion, energy and focus of a band with high-minded ideals and limitless ambitions.

    THE SOUND OF MADNESS also contains Smith's first-ever political song “Devour,” which he says was inspired by Shinedown's visits to troops in Iraq and his feelings about the end of George W. Bush's presidency.

    YouTube - Shinedown - Sound of Madness music video

    YouTube - Shinedown - Second Chance - Official Music Video

    YouTube - Shinedown-Devour
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    Good band, and this third release from them is pretty solid.

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    Nice job Kid, I have heard of Shinedown before, but I am a fan of political/thought provoking albums so after reading your review I will obtain a copy of this one for sure.

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