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    Groove Metal/Thrash Metal

    The Law is the second studio album by American thrash metal band Exhorder, released in 1992 through Roadrunner Records. On this album, the band's sound became a lot more groove metal-oriented.
    They bear the frustrating (if unconfirmed) distinction of having established the sonic blueprint that fellow southerners Pantera subsequently perfected and rode all the way to the heavy metal big leagues.
    Never mind the fact that frontman Kyle Thomas' enraged shouting style and thought-provoking lyrics were absolute ringers for Phil Anselmo; or that Vinnie LaBella and Jay Ceravolo's muscular rhythm guitars may have aided in Diamond Darrell's transformation into Dimebag Darrell (see the especially telling instrumental "Incontinence").
    The jury is still out on that one.

    This is a great metal album, if you are a fan of Pantera you should check this out, good hard metal album that does take some risks (even has some funk metal in it).
    The Law qualifies as a minor extreme metal classic of the early '90s even though it did help spawn groove metal, and yet it still couldn't prevent a disillusioned Exhorder from breaking up a short time later.

    A classic in my mind and just a heavy kick *** album.

    Check it out.

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    Never heard of Exhorder nor The Law (which figures...). Probably not really my genre but I'll check them out ! Nice review ! kudos

    One for all and all for adore !

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    I think Slaughter in the Vatican is better, but still an awesome album. Great review.

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    If it contains alot of funk metal, I will like it.......

    but I have never heard of 'em before

    I will let you know what I think, laters!

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    The Exhorder slaughter in the Vatican a pretty good effort. But the law is just amazing. I bought it when it first came out and probably still get my vote for worst album of all time. In a vacuum is definitely the best cover I heard the melody than ever before. Holy smokes is wild! Voice and rhythm guitar Exhorder is just an example of the weight. Have the right mix of distortion and raspiness while still incredibly tight sounding. If you like the skin of the extremely heavy / speed, and this one's for you.
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