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Thread: Rage Against The Machine/Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium

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    Default Rage Against The Machine/Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium

    Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium

    This is exactly the way Rage Against The Machine was supposed to have been captured raw, sloppy, and one of the most powerful records I've heard in a long time.

    Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium catches Rage at the tail end of their career as a band - it draws it's 16 tracks from the band's last two performances ever. It's strange knowing that shortly after these concerts, the band imploded; you'd never be able to tell that there was internal fighting going on.

    Or maybe you can, given the explosive nature of so many of these songs. All 4 of Rage's studio albums are represented, and here's the breakdown album-by album:

    Self Titled- Bullet In The Head, Killing In The Name, Bombtrack, Know Your Enemy, Freedom

    Evil Empire - Bulls On Parade, People Of The Sun

    The Battle Of Los Angeles - Born Of A Broken Man, Calm Like A Bomb, Testify, War Within A Breath, Sleep Now In The Fire, Guerilla Radio

    Renegades - I'm Housin', Kick Out The Jams (MC5 Cover)

    Tom Morello's guitarwork, as amazing as it sounds on studio albums, sounds even more incredible here because not only does he duplicate what he did on the recordings, he adds to it. The guy's a genius. Never in the album's 71 minutes do I ever forget that this is a live album. You get to hear Zach De La Rocha run out of breath in "Calm Like A Bomb." You get to hear the band accidentally speed up and slow down multiple times in "Bulls On Parade." You get to hear bassist Timmy's barking out his backing vocals in "People Of The Sun." You get to hear Zach improvise lyrics in "Killing In The Name" ["Some of those who burn crosses / are the same who hold office"].

    Zach's hardcore background pops up periodically in his vocals on the disc, reminding the listener that he's more than just an MC. The intensity conveyed in his voice as he screams "Now testify!" cannot be duplicated.

    They are one of the most politically radical and musically innovative groups of the past decade IMO.
    There are two tracks missing (How I can Just Kill A Man, People of the Sun) Other then that this is best representation of what Rage sounds like live. Pure rage, pure energy, one of the best live bands I got to see and I am glad I have this album to remind me how they sound live.

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    great review mud, after the last time I lost my music I have yet to get more from these guys, thanks for reminding me how much I was missing out on.

    Tom Morello and Zach De La Rocha belong together, such an epic band I really wish they'd get together and put out a new album.

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