Remain in Memory - The Final Show

Punk Rock/Hardcore Punk
Good Riddance

A live recording of Good Riddance’s final show in their hometown of Santa Cruz, California on May 27th, 2007. The set list reads more like a greatest hits album, mixing the best of the band’s 12+ year career and touching on favorites from each of their seven full lengths, EPs and 7”s on Fat plus a couple rarities.


Remain in Memory documents Good Riddance’s last show, in their hometown of Santa Cruz, California. Of course, the majority of the band’s fans, new and old, could not attend. Presenting the show in its entirety is a nice gesture from the band, allowing those who would have liked to have gone but could not, the opportunity to at least get a feel for what went down the night it was recorded.

If you have never heard of this band. This is the album you need to get. Forget the other 7 albums. This is the one too check out.

It catches the energy of this band. I was fortunate enough to catch them when they were still around. BUT I did not get a chance to catch their last (this) show. But you can feel the energy in the crowd when track 1 (intro) starts up. It is one of the best live albums I have ever heard.

Remain in Memory spent quite a bit of time in the mixing and mastering stage, leaving the final product as polished as you’d want a live album to be. The end result is a live album with songs sounding balanced and clean, but with enough of the live spirit and vocal/musical changes remaining to make sure you don’t forget you’re listening to a live song. The crowd’s applause is raised in between songs and where appropriate and their singing along is noticeable, such as on the band’s anthem "Mother Superior."

It is a shame this band is no longer around. Russ Rankin went on to make the band Only Crime (which is great).

This is a long album though. Around 30 songs or so, it is long to some, but for me a huge fan of punk rock and a die hard fan of Good Riddance this is a must have. One of my top 10 live albums of all time.

Check it out.