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    I actually never knew Mark Lanegan was on this album. Been a good while since ive listened to it properly, gonna have to give it a spin again.
    Its so weird to look back at these vids and see Mike so thin and small, he looks about 4ft, lol.

    Good review btw .
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    Freetime you always do such an amazing job on these album reviews. I worked on one today (for Black Gives Way To Blue), and it's still a rough draft...nothing like this. I don't even want to post it now. lol

    Anyway, I love this album as I'm sure you know. I did a tiny mini-review and recommendation on this album in my journal a while back. It remains one of my favorite albums to listen to all the way through.

    Thanks for another excellently written album review.

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    Oh, thank you Seemebe and Trey...

    Trey, I'm sure you'll write up a great review. I never read the entry in your journal though, so I'm gonna go take a look...

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    Nice review man.

    I'll check it out.

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