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Thread: Sainthood - Tegan and Sara

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    Default Sainthood - Tegan and Sara

    Album Title : Sainthood
    Artists: Tegan and Sara
    Release date : October 27th, 2009
    Genre : Indie/Alternative

    The waiting is over, after more than 2 years Canadian twins Tegan and Sara have released a new album and it's called "Sainthood".
    I have listened to the album approx. 10 times now, so I think I am finally able
    to let everybody know what I think of it.
    The 1st time I listened to Sainthood , I really needed to get used to it, this was really different from anything that they had done before.
    Most of the songs are not as catchy as the pop/rock songs from their
    previous albums. Tegan and Sara are using more synths and the rhythms they are using are more complex. I was already familiar with the single "Hell"
    which in my opinion is the only song on Sainthood that could easily have been a song from their previous album "The Con" being the straight rock song that it is.
    Arrow opens the album and this song is a sort of indication of what you may expect on this album, a more complex sound.
    It would take too much time to describe each individual song but there are 4
    song that I really love that I have to mention, "On Directing" "The Cure" "Paperback Head" and "Sentimental Tune" . The girls almost at their best, but not entirely, because on this album they have definitely saved the best for last. The last song on the album in my opinion is absolutely brilliant, "Someday" . This one I love so much and I really want to share this with everybody.
    All and all I think it's another great album by Tegan and Sara, but I am the 1st to admit that I just might be a little buyest.

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    Great album. A lot darker than "The Con" and a bit more repetitive, but still wholly fantastic.

    I've listened to the album about 10 times myself. I'm glad you decided to review it after you really gave it a good listen - I don't think anyone should review this album until they've heard it at least a few times. It's a hard album to "get," let alone review.

    You'd be hard pressed to find better pop songwriters than Tegan and Sara today.

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    Are they the ones NOFX were talking about in their song "Creeping Out Sara"?
    "Any instrument is just a vehicle to express who you are and your relationship to the world. No matter what level you’re doing it on, playing music is an opportunity to give something to the world."
    - Michael "Flea" Balzary


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