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Thread: Facelift- Alice In Chains

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    Default Facelift- Alice In Chains

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    Beautiful man. Love it.One of my favorite albums..I love that live clip from Love, Hate, Love. Its on my iPod and I watch it a lot..demanding emotional vocals with a mind melting beat and stomach churning guitar riffs. That whole album is full of power and its different each time I listen.

    Great review man, 11/10

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    I can tell this album is close to your heart Freetime. You were extra expressive on this, and I loved reading every word as usual. I was particularly interested in reading your thoughts on Sea of Sorrow. I've always really liked that song and I smiled ear to ear when I read what you wrote about the end of the song fading out with the chorus "I live tomorrow. You I'll not follow. As you wallow, in a sea of sorrow..." I LOVE that part. You nailed this review! Thanks for doing it.

    Loudest of Love

    I'm tied within
    I'm luck's last match struck
    In the pouring down wind

    ~Chris Cornell~

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    Dude, you just amaze me more and more every time you do a review. You put so much heart and emotion into these, and I couldn't think of a better album for it.

    Thanks for you hard work man.

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    Thanks for reading the review... Facelift is such a great album. There's always at least one song that I can listen to over and over...

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