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Thread: Lost Dogs- Pearl Jam

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    Default Lost Dogs- Pearl Jam

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    Excellent work here you guys!

    I don't own this album yet, but am definately enjoying what I can on YouTube.

    Last Kiss is probably my hands down favorite so far.
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    Thanks Dreams, .
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    Hey, you did it! I loved the idea of you two working together on this. I mentioned to you guys that I did a band thread with Cowboy once, and we had a lot of fun. I think an album review would be a better project to have a partner on though.

    I'll second Dreams "excellent work guys." I haven't listened to this album, since I started losing interest in PJ after Yield. I think I got tired of Vedder's vocals (I can hear you two gasping right now, lol). I have always thought Vedder's real strength lied in his songwriting, not his vocal abilities, but that's just my opinion.

    I think I'm going to take the time to listen to this album though. You made it sound compelling by expressing such detailed thoughts on the songs. Thanks for the excellent contribution Freetine, and Seemebe.

    Loudest of Love

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    Haha, I wont say anything negative about the Vedder's vocals comment that you made. I trust your musical taste...

    If I had to recommend two songs on this album, they would be Yellow Ledbetter and Footsteps... To me, those are easily the two best songs on the album...


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    Thanks Trey.

    Vedders vocal's arent for everybody, and i agree that between Ten and the newest album his voice has changed quite a bit, i still like it though.

    A good portion of the songs are from the Ten era so you'll enjoy a few at least haha.

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    Man, what a killer review, you guys analyzed the hell out of this album and broke it down really well, I loved that you posted the youtube vid so I could listen to every song while I was reading. Fantastic job guys!

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