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Thread: Dirt- Alice In Chains

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    Default Dirt- Alice In Chains

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreeTime View Post
    Genre: Alternative Metal... That's what Wikipedia said...
    That's the genre tagging that I prefer. How did I miss this thread? 11 hours ago...maybe I was sleeping 11 hours ago. That's a good excuse.

    Another solid review by you Freetime. Hate To Feel, and Them Bones are two of my favorites off of Dirt...but then the whole album is good. Loved the part about how Iron Gland got to be on the album. How could anyone be annoyed by a Cantrell guitar riff? Have to love his solution to make a song out of it! lol Can you imagine Jerry's comments to the band? ::"Oh, so you guys don't like this riff I'm playing? You say it's annoying? That's unfortunate, cause I'm making it into a song now.":: Love him.
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    Wow, great review FT, my favourite Alice In Chains album. It truly is an unbelievable album as you say.
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    This album is ace. Hate To Feel and Dam That River are my favorite songs from this album.

    Great review

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    YEEEEAHHHH love this album. Very good review man, like always This album is just ****ing amazing. Them Bones is the perfect introduction to the album.

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    songs like "Would?" and "Down in a Hole" just speak to me. i love the album and as a whole, it's an amazing rock record, but those songs in particular seem to really reach me.

    great review.

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    This is the best Alice in Chains album, I think! Truly awesome!

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    Nice review! One of my favorite albums! Alice in Chains is definetely one awesome band, that's for sure. "Them Bones", "Would?", and "Dam that River" all just speak to me as well!

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    I thought you all may enjoy this little story....I was reading these reviews for one of the BEST bands ever when I ran across the idiotic statement made by "I love fall out boy". People should NOT comment on things they don't know about. It's annoying to those of us who do. Godsmack, of course, picked their name from the AIC song... however the irony in this whole thing is that as I was reading these comments today I thought the TRUE die hard AIC fans might enjoy the fact that I am wearing my Layne Staley memorial T-sheet that I purchased at the beach this year! In addition, and here is the irony, about 2 weeks ago I took my 15 year old daughter and 3 friends to see Fallout Boy, From First to Last, All American Rejects, and Hawthorne Heights. My daughter made me wear the Layne Staley t-shirt!!! I received many, many comments... Ironic huh??! Love to Layne and the remaining members of Alice in Chains!! P.S. I'm a rockin' 42 year old mom.

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    ^Good story, and nice posts on all the album reviews you checked out. Welcome to MF.

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    i've been listening Alice every day that i go to work (which is only 3 days a week ) but regardless, i really love listening to the band's evolution. at first, i didn't care for Facelift much, but i ended up loving it to death. with Dirt though, i loved it from the start. it's a demonic album at times, and quite heavy. the harmonizing is at its absolute BEST here, and you find a great variety between songs.

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