Alright, I just discovered this album/artist about a month ago and am simply floored. The album(which is actually collected singles) brings forth sounds that are almost unharmonious and blends them to make what me and a few friends have dubbed "Glitch Step". Not really a new genre just a better way of describing this type of music.
It uses really low bass tones and off chord synth melodies to add to a whole picture that is a far cry from most dance music. The best tracks, IMO, are the one's where Trentemøller mixes his off beat electronic stylings with a female vocal. It just seems to click. The off semi melodic tones bring forth a different feel to the vocals used in the tracks. This album is one I listen to almost daily and have yet tire of it after a month...thats saying something for me who usual goes through new music like a hot knife through butter. If you enjoy electronica in its varied forms I recommend this one. Check it out somewhere and look for tracks specifically involving a female vocalist if buying by the track, otherwise get the whole CD, its worth it!