Adam Charles Clayton was born on the 13th of March 1960 in Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. Adam happens to be the bass player for the rock band U2. Adam Clayton has lived in the County Dublin since his family moved to Malahide in 1965. Clayton has been recognized for his bass playing on several U2 songs like “New Year’s Day” and on the very popular “With or Without You”. Adam has worked on many solo ventures all throughout his career. One of the most prominent one was with his fellow band member Larry Mullen Jr. They worked together on the theme of Mission: Impossible that was released in the year 1996.

Clayton as an integral part of U2 and with his band he has won a total of 22 Grammy awards. His style of bass playing is different from various other bassists. Clayton’s style of bass playing includes many Motown as well as reggae influences. Adam considers Paul Simonon from the band The Clash as one of his main influences as per as his musical style. Clayton joined U2 for the first time when he doesn’t have any kind of proper training as per as the bass playing. During the early years of the band he generally used to play something simple in the 4/4 time. Bono, the band’s frontman said about Clayton’s earlier style of bass playing and said that Adam simply used to pretend playing the bass. He later used the words like action as well as a fret that sort of surprised the band members. He had the single amplifier in the band and thus the other guys never argued.

Clayton has been worked on many side projects all through his life. He has played on the 1987 album of Robbie Robertson. He has also performed with artists like Maria McKee. Clayton has also joined the U2 producer Daniel Lanois and his bandmate Larry Mullen Jr. He has played on the album Acadie released in 1989. He has also played bass on songs like “Still Water” and “Jolie Louise”. In the year 1994, he played bass alongside his bandmate Larry Mullen Jr. on the album called Flyer by Nanci Griffith. Clayton is the eldest child of his parents Brian and Jo Clayton. Adam Clayton was five years old when his entire family moved from Oxfordshire to Malahidel. This was the same place where Clayton’s brother Sebastian took birth.
The Clayton family later became friends with the Evans family and their sons Dik and Dave aka The Edge, who were both in Feedback. Feedback was the band that much later gave birth to U2. Clayton happens to be the only bachelor member of U2. During the early 1990s he was engaged to the British supermodel Naomi Campbell and this engagement lasted for a short period of time. Adam also had a long-standing relationship with a woman called Suzanne “Susie” Smith. Ms.Smith was the former assistant to Paul McGuiness and they were engaged in the year 2006 however this didn’t also last for a long while.

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