God Is An Astronaut - Age Of The Fifth Sun (2010)

It took me until this morning to realize that God Is An Astronaut released this album back in 2010. So, I did what I always do, and got the album later than usual, listened to it, and than...well, listened to it again and again. And will most likely continue to do so until my ears fall off.

So, album wise, it's a pretty solid piece of work from start to finish. It's got a lot of what one would expect from a post-rock album. Emotion, strength, a sense of sadness. Ever since God Is An Astronaut released All Is Violent, All Is Bright, i've been sort of neglecting this band a little bit due to getting caught up in a couple of other bands, so when I noticed that I found some music by these guys that I hadn't heard yet, I knew it was time to blow the dust off this band and listen to them again, thankfully I did. This album comes in at about 47 minutes long, which isn't too bad considering what the genre is. It starts off with an 8 minute track which is pretty nice, especially for this album, because it gets you pumped to hear what comes next. It also has a lot of slower/emotional songs that I was actually quite surprised to enjoy. I'm not too big on the slower post rock, but i'm always willing to sit through it if it catches my interest, luckily this album did that, and strengthened my appreciation for the genre as a whole.

Some tracks I would recommend: