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    I need Help from the Music master in this forum...

    My friend just give me a Video Music Arab..
    and i'm very like and love this song and the singger

    but i have problem... I don't know about title this song and i don't know who is name this singer...

    this the Foto Capture from the Video

    sorry i can Upload the Video or Mp3... because my Connection is suck... hehe

    If somebody know who is singer name or the title song... plis contack me by e-mail : [email protected]

    thanks for Attention
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    i like it too

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    her name is dunia sameer , she is egyptian , she acts in some egyptian movies and sings too.

    you can find more of her music on this link :

    ÇáÓÇáã*É ÏæÊ äÊ - Ïä*Ç Óã*Ñ ÛÇäã

    i hope this useful

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