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Thread: Please help! Need translation for "Sho Bdna Nsawe"

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    Default Please help! Need translation for "Sho Bdna Nsawe"

    Hello everyone! If anyone can please help me. Someone I know sent me this video on youtube and I think it is how he feels towards me. However, I don't speak Arabic well and cannot understand what the song is saying. If anyone can please translate them they would be helping me out like the would never know...

    Sho Bdna Nsawe

    YouTube - Sho Bdna Nsawe L@No$H

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    The link is broken.

    WOW... I like the song!

    It is all about missing a lover...

    One part of the song is "I miss you the way a mom misses her son". This is very touching to me, and if you are a mom you should know what it means definitely , but I'm a guy and I find it very touching.

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