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  1. Evidence against evolution (short & concise) (QUOTED){1-3}
  2. Video Game System Debate #2: Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs Wii
  3. When is it no longer considered "self defense"?
  4. 9/11 First Responders to be Excluded From 10th Anniversary Ceremony
  5. No More DADT
  6. As a musician, what are your challenges
  7. Do we have free will?
  8. Occupy Wall Street Protests
  9. Serial Killers
  10. Sexism in the Armed forces
  11. Mainstream Vs. Underground
  12. Irish republican army
  13. Sexism.
  14. america vs the world
  15. Secret Societies
  16. Movies
  17. Hangover Cures
  18. penn state sex scandal
  19. is brievik competent for trial or not?
  20. Republican 2012 Race
  21. Mac Vs PC
  22. Is music history an important subject in education?
  23. Drugs vs. Alcohol: Which is the worst
  24. Are we starting to rely too much on technology?
  25. so america is marching on iran...
  26. Whats the future of CDs...and how will musicians make money?
  27. Man gets arrested, charged, and strip searched after daughter draws picture.
  28. Wolves being killed "on site"
  29. Name your favourite genre of Music
  30. Maryland Governor Signs Marriage Equality Into Law
  31. The world in 2030 and beyond
  32. Digital enhancement (aurotune etc.)
  33. Global Warming
  34. Furthered Education
  35. Headphone decision help.
  36. Pirating sites....why are we letting them get away?
  37. What is an artistic maverick/renegade?
  38. What motivates an artistic maverick/renegade? What makes him a maverick/renegade?
  39. Does an artistic maverick/renegade need a connection to society? If so, what is that
  40. Why do rockers have kids?
  41. What female singing style you like?
  42. What is your definition of a car?
  43. Guess the artist!
  44. Benefits of Urban/City Living?
  45. Find songs
  46. Rick Santorum to drop out of the presidential campaign
  47. Why do bands go on hiatus?
  48. Is it possible to really know how sincere someone is about their music?
  49. How many of you actually have experience in the music industry?
  50. Should the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) put a limit on ages?