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    Here's a few sketches.
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    I am mortuus, thanatos, the reaper's scythe that's oh so close, the anti-life, and the path you chose. I am death.

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    Here's the rest:
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    Those are some sweet sketches.

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    Dude, those Deathbats are scary as hell! :P
    You have some freakin' talent man.

    Thanks for doing this too, I greatly appreciate it!
    I'm thinking either the second tribal one on the first post (the one shaded in black) or the one in the top left corner of the second page in the second post.
    Those two are freakin sick!
    I really like them all, though. I'll get the deathbat next for sure

    "Love is control, I'll die if I let go."
    Credit to Synergy for sig.

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    Thank you much, I'm glad you enjoyed them not bad for a 16 year old lol. Let me know if you end up using one and thank you for inspiring me to pick up the pencil again lol, it's been a while.

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    I'm probably gonna use one of those two tribal ones I mentioned.
    I'll make a post with some pics of it when I get it!
    My appointment is set for 10

    And I'm glad I could inspire greatness! haha

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