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Thread: Music Related Shizzle...

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    Cool Music Related Shizzle...

    Yeah, so I was kinda bored and decided to have a play about in photoshop, this is the outcome:

    Ol' Dirty Bastard

    Sid N' Nancy

    Bob Marley

    Ian Brown

    Jimi Hendrix


    Jim Morrison

    Bob Dylan

    This one isnt music related but...MUFC...

    Full size versions on my website:

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    a few more...

    Martin Luther King Jr.

    Cameron Diaz

    Albert Einstein

    Bruce Lee

    John Lennon

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    You actually did all those? Great job mate!

    Specially both Hendrix and Dylan, pretty cool. So do the ManU one, if I were a ManU fan I'd seriously ask you for permission to carry that one printed somewhere.

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    Thanks dude

    I like to play around in photoshop whenever I am bored...for some of them tho you really need to see the full size image...

    Feel free to become a Man Utd supporter and use my graphic haha...

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    really sweet stuff man, very cool!
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    nice stuff m8, loving your style would prefer it more i some parts were a bit cleaner
    Muzic makes me go

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    I was just messing about in photoshop. Each image only took about 3 minutes to do...

    I could have taken more time to make them look "pretty" but im an impulsive kinda guy n moved onto the next image when I thought the current 1 looked "ok-ish"

    + I was pretty stoned at the time...

    EDIT: for some of them it took longer to find an image to use than it did to create the effect

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    I like looks really cool man...

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    I have done loads more stuff since n just not put it up...


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