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Thread: new music - The Beijing Gang - Dongdan

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    “Dongdan” is the first single from a new album’ The Beijing Gang’ by producer and composer Chris Bemand. Chris has released many innovative electronic albums since his early days with acid jazzstersMarden Hill and filmic Chill Out group 45 Dip. He has collaborated with Ashley Beedle ( Ballistic Brothers/Xpress 2) Rob Dougan,(Clubbed to Death) and Mark Doyle (Hed Kandi) . As well as a large discography, Chris has written and produced countless scores for all kinds of TV shows including mainstream cartoon series, Bafta nominated Skunk Fu! and King Arthur's Disasters. He’s also known for writing choral stings for top shows including the X-Factor and Top Gear.

    Dongdan is a clever, quirky fusion of classical Chinese instruments paired with contemporary beats as has ever been heard before. Chris recorded in Beijing with a handful of virtuoso musicians from Peking Opera and the resulting blend is original and unique. Chris also worked with film director Ed Bignell to produce a series of promotional videos (shot in Beijing) to accompany each single release.

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    That was cool!

    Was that a Ruan or a Pipa?

    @ Youtube, below the video you will see a share button, click on that and a address will appear in a window, copy every thing after the single forward /, it will look like this -->/2c0DUND-L0U<----.
    And above this message box click on this icon
    and paste the address inside ---> [Y OUTUBE]2c0DUND-L0U[/ YOUTUBE] and hit preview.

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    Default The Beijing gang-Dongdan

    It's a Pipa.....

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