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    Default Fantomas

    Advant-garde metal group of Cali, formed in 1998.

    Band members

    Mike Patton
    Buzz Osbourne
    Dave Lombardo
    Trevor Dunn

    As Patton fans know, he's very much into experimenting with different sounds and Fantomas is no different. Though some of it can be considered rather weird, there is a bit of genious behind making some random noise into a 'song'.

    I love Cape Fear, that song is awesome. Any other fans?

    Метал для життя
    I found a pink cigarette/On the bed the day that you left/And how can I forget that your lips were there/Your kiss goes everywhere, touches everything/But me

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    you know I listened to these guys and forgot to comment.

    they have pretty much an allstar line up. Their stuff is out there, and you have to respect these artists for going out there and putting this kind of stuff out, really shows they're not afraid to try new things.

    I gotta laugh when I see patton singing cape fear, as cool of a song as it is.

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    Buzz looks like he'd be ridiculously fun to hang out with. Anyone with hair like that must be cool as hell to chill with.

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    get him and andrew stockdale in a room together and you could have enough static electricity for the both of them to power their amps.

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    Go on youtube and type in Fantomas slayer medley. You will be blown away.

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    Mike Patton - A true legend

    "It truly makes the most beautiful music
    Everything it has to give
    It's everywhere hiding the listener
    Without it I could not live

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