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    Are ther fans of this genre of music in here?
    Here are some good songs:

    Ef - Longing for colors
    YouTube - Ef - Longing for Colors

    Callisto - The Fugitive
    YouTube - The Fugitive

    Red Sparowes - We Left the Apes to Rot, But Find the Fang Grows Within
    YouTube - Red Sparowes - we left the apes to rot, but find the fang grows within

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    Do Neurosis count? They're pretty much the best band to ever exist.

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    Yeah Neurosis falls into the post metal category and they pretty much invented the whole genre with the likes of Isis. Neurosis is great.

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    At the moment I would call them my favorite band.
    No other band has ever managed to evoke such unique emotions in me. Their music conveys a really dreamy, nature-connected, yet somehow "otherworldly" athmosphere. Listening to them is a really unique experience.

    If you guys haven't checked out some of their stuff you really should!
    The singer's voice is so soft and powerful at the same time.
    Sorry for all the fan*****ing but oh god, it's just so wonderful haha.

    Alcest - Ciel Errant
    [ame=""]YouTube - Alcest - Ciel Errant[/ame]

    Alcest - Printemps Emeraude[ame=""]YouTube - Alcest - Printemps Emeraude[/ame]

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