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Thread: Audioslave Vs. Soundgarden

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    Default Audioslave Vs. Soundgarden

    Which band do you prefer? Here are my thoughts on it... Chris Cornell's vocals were much better with Soundgarden. His range was amazing and had a lot more power. I think that all three of Audioslave's albums easily top Down On The Upside by Soundgarden but Soundgarden's earlier albums really take over. I also can't choose between Kim Thayil and Tom Morello... Although Audioslave has some amazing music, I voted for Soundgarden...

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    Rage Against The Machine's music with a proper rock singer... Audioslave for me.

    I was never a huge SG fan, i was a big RATM one though and when i first heard Cochise it was bliss to my ears, lol.
    But i fully expect SG to win this one.
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    I love both bands and this was a difficult decision. It's obvious to me that Soundgarden cannot match Audioslave when it comes to songs with more of a sad and powerful sound. Ex. Heaven's Dead, Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye and The Curse. But Soundgarden had an extremely unique sound back in the late 80's and early 90's... Some of the more popular songs off of their early albums, Beyond The Wheel, Jesus Christ Pose and Hands All Over are all amazing... Audioslave never made a song that compares to Mind Riot, Holy Water, Fresh Deadly Roses, Uncovered and Nothing To Say... Note the atmosphere on songs like Power Trip and I Awake... Soundgarden's music seems like it would be much more difficult to cover than Audioslave's music...
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    This is a very difficult one for me, I am a huge fan of both of them. Before I was really into music I was more aware of Audioslave than Soundgarden, though I did know most of their more popular stuff like spoonman..etc (even though I didn't know who they were) and I've been a fan of RATM since the first time that I heard them. I love SG but I think I'm going to have to go with Audioslave.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CowboyFromHell420 View Post
    did I miss something?
    Heaven's Dead, haha... I always confuse those two...

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    for me, this is pretty easy. i think the overall song quality with Soundgarden was much better, and although i don't DISlike Audioslave (or RATM), i can easily say that the SG's 90s hard rock sound appeals to me more.
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    I prefer Cornell with SG. *votes*

    It took a little bit for me to get used to the RATM guys with Cornell, but I ended up liking them. I've always liked the band name they chose. Audio+Slave. It's perfect, really.

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    For me its Soundgarden, Audioslave don't compare in my eyes.

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    I take back what I said about not being able to choose between Kim Thayil and Tom Morello... Tom Morello is easily the better guitarist. Still, I like Soundgarden more...

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    Imma have to go with Audioslave for now. (sorry FT) Only cuz i know their work alot better than SGs. As soon as my listening to SG and AS even out and i know their work, then i'll have a real vote
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    Definitely Soundgarden, though I've never seen Audioslave live other than on tv.

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