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    Although still in his early twenties, Okemah, Oklahoma native John Fullbright sings like he’s been around for years. Firmly rooted in a variety of American musical styles, including folk, country, blues, bluegrass, and jazz, John is beginning a musical journey that is sure to delight listeners from coast to coast. Already he has the ringing endorsements of many great musicians, including fellow Oklahomans Jimmy Webb, Kevin Welch, and Tom Skinner. Equally skilled on guitar, harmonica, piano and accordion, John understands best that “it’s called playing music for a reason.” That’s why you can find him at the music festival campgrounds late at night picking out songs from mentors such as Townes Van Zandt, Hoyt Axton and Leonard Cohen, along with his own unique songs that belie his young age.

    "It's pretty clear that John Fullbright is one of the most talented young guns out there. Sometimes I think the art of songcraft—using characters, story, language, melody to create something lasting—is a vanishing art, practised only by old fogies like me. It's good to see a 21 year-old stepping into this tradition and keeping it fresh and alive."

    ~ Slaid Cleaves ~

    Source: John Fullbright

    Thanks to friend of mine, Chris Kyle....keyboardist for Pilgrim , He suggested that I give check out local phenom John Fullbright and of course I did and I am highly impressed!

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    He pretty kick-ass.


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