I have to begin by saying that I'm not a musician, but I do love stuff like music theory. I've considered getting the sheet music or tablature of some of Keith Urban's songs and comparing them to one another, but I'm probably not that advanced yet.

So I thought I'd ask here. At least as far as the radio singles go, there seems to be something extremely similar in all of them, and I don't quite know what to call it...same chords, melody, something else?

I feel like there is a specific musical diagnosis for this similarity that can't just be chalked up to all the songs having been written by him, because I don't get this feeling when I hear other songs by most other song writers. Even when one of his songs comes on that I'm not familiar with, I immediately have the reaction "That's Keith Urban."

Is there any basis for my opinion? Is there something specific to point to that would show some kind of similarity?