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Thread: My Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison Experiment

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    Smile My Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison Experiment

    Hey all , just wondering what use think of my Bob Dylan, Tom Petty roy orbison experiment, I mix voices and styles sort of a hobby lol, I made the music clip myself graphic artist and screenwriter these days bringing these all out of the woodwork now lol see what use think

    I sing multiple voices and mix them lol see what you think lol

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    Remember, you asked.....I did n`t care for it! You trying to sound like all of the Wilburys to me akin to somebody colorizing a classic black and white film.....You are obviously creative and you can sing and play but I would just as soon hear your voice covering the song!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
    ..akin to somebody colorizing a classic black and white film...
    ..or a paint-by-the-numbers Mona Lisa!

    "Never underestimate the capacity of simple minds to overcomplicate things." ~Me!

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    Well I'm not , these songs are old lol, I'm screenwriter these days and graphic artist I just only just joined youtube and these forums , I don't know lol

    I just like to sing artists and mix them lol, I dont feel , I dont know I mean I will play there songs here u know with my guitar but not into the covers

    I like to think in a sense original in the fact that I mix artists together

    maybe makes me original in my own way.

    I mean only just doing this all now youtube, never sent anything in sent to any labels or anything, i dont know i'm just me lol

    thanks for your comments ,, the hardest to sing is kurt cobain, u like my nirvana acoustic? found him the hardest to sing out of all

    thanks again lol

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