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    Default Novembers Doom

    Death/Doom metal

    Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Years Active
    1989 - Present

    Current line-up
    Paul Kuhr - Vocals
    Vito Marchese - Guitar
    Lawrence Roberts - Guitar, Vocals
    Chris Đjuričić - Bass
    Sasha Horn (Castillo) - Drums

    Her Tears Drop - Demo, 1995
    Amid Its Hallowed Mirth - Full-length, 1995
    For Every Leaf That Falls - EP, 1997
    Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers - Full-length, 1999
    The Knowing - Full-length, 2000
    To Welcome the Fade - Full-length, 2002
    Reflecting in Grey Dusk - Best of/Compilation, 2004
    The Pale Haunt Departure - Full-length, 2005
    The Novella Reservoir - Full-length, 2007
    The Novella Vosselaar: Live in Belgium - DVD, 2008
    Into Night's Requiem Infernal - Full-length, 2009

    Метал для життя
    I found a pink cigarette/On the bed the day that you left/And how can I forget that your lips were there/Your kiss goes everywhere, touches everything/But me

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    This probably isn't most people's cup o' tea but I've been a fan since I first heard To Welcome The Fade. I own most of their discography if anyone needs an upload, and I'll hopefully have the rest of it on Christmas.

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