can anybody check the dialogue between these ppl?is dat owkai?

YouTube - Official Trailer Step Up 3D (HD)

i donno the spanish parts so...

Welcome to my house.
Dancers live together,
Work together
and Battle together.
This place is incredible.
What you saw before,
is just the Beginning.
you know i know how
To make em stop and stare as I zone out
The club can't even handle me right now
let's get it
I own the light and I don't need no help
Gotta be the feeling that scarface player
Look like cash and they all just stare
Life of the club arrogant like yeah!
I know this.
I'm rockin'
I'm rollin'
We can ball,
So tell me about yourself.
Everything you need to know
is in my dancing
Every night up in the club
gettin' money with the thugs
thought I'd never fall in love
Then there was you
Girl you changed my mind
None of these chicks can **** with my baby
And I don't wanna be a player
I just wanna love my baby (I'm already taken)
I'm already taken girl
Your a BFABB
what's a BFABB?
Born From A Boom Box
I got my own steps
n' I got my own style
overseas money honey me turn up a long time
R.O.S.C.O.E. i done blew up like a landmine
spanish part
I get it,you don't get it.but,
I know what i'm sayin'
Resistirme imposible sera
de la manera como lo hace ninguna lo ara
Wisin & Yandel
Balio la pena esperarte
oooooooooooo dust(i didnt understand this part)
All right,I see it obvious...
Welcome to the world Jam
breakin' you here up for the biggest battle ever
if we're not focused
we can lose everythin
we've come a way too
so you ready?
let's go
You got me watchin now (hey)
Got my attention now (hey)
Got everybody in the club wanting to know now
I am a ladies man
Come and be my lady and...
We can ball
soo, ahhhhh
People dance,Because dance can change things.
One move can bring people together
One move can make you believe like you're something more.
Fall out coz that's the business
All out it's so ridiclous
"Step Up 3D"
shot Entire In 3D.
That's So Sick.
Join the Party in Theaters On Auguest 6.