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Thread: Hong Kong - Gorillaz

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    Smile Hong Kong - Gorillaz

    What are these fantastic lyrics about...?

    Lord hear me now
    Junk boats and English boys
    Crashing out in super marts
    Electric fences and guns

    You swallow me
    I'm just a pill on your tongue
    Up here on the nineteenth floor
    The neon lights make me calm

    And late in a star's life
    It begins to explode
    And all the people in a dream
    Wait for the machine
    Pick the **** up leave it clean

    Kid, hang over here
    What you learning in school?
    Is the rise of an Eastern sun
    Gonna be good for everyone?

    The radio station disappears
    Music turning to thin air
    The DJ was the last to leave
    She had well conditioned hair,
    was beautiful, but nothing really was there

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    Its impossible to say what the lyrics are about unless your Damon Albarn, but i dont think it has anything to do with Hong Kong, the song was recorded in Hong Kong that is where the song title probably came from, a working title that stuck. This song could be about England and some of the problems with England as the writers see's it. Writing about a subject like immigration in modern day UK is a very rare thing, the media love nothing more than exposing the racist, even if the exposed racist isnt a racist at all, just a member of society exercising their right to express an opinion. The mention of Junk boats and English boys made me think of immigration rather than Hong Kong Harbour for some reason. The fourth verse has another reference to foriegn shores this time questioning how much we need to know, will bending over backwards to suit other cultures benefit us in the future, or is it just for show, is modern day Britain and its all caring outward appearance just a way of controlling the masses that are happy to go through life without actually ever thinking. The last verse is simple social commentry on modern music and where we hear it, radio is pretty much a dead medium in the UK, the airwaves are almost constantly clogged up with meaningless braindead pop music and music that should be played in clubs not to the nation. Albarn isnt the first artist to take a side swipe at the DJ and i doubt he'll be the last, " She had well conditioned hair,was beautiful, but nothing really was there", is he talking about the DJ there or the DJ's audience, probably both.

    Damon Albarn seems to always get his point across, it must be getting harder to do, in a world filled with people that dont listen and dont really care, they think they care because theyve been told by the system they care, but in reality they dont care and think even less. Maybe thats why Albarn asks God to hear him now because he feels nobody else is listening anymore, the great dumbing down went to far.

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    That sounds like a very good interpretation, but I'm still unsure how the second verse fits into all of it

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