I need some help finding the name and artist of a song.

I managed to catch some of the lyrics throughout the song:

'Move move closer sit on the sofa in between as you move to my
Drink red wine from the lips of another
Your lips are just like mine tripped out on the circle line
Curse my name with your passionate cover
Rinse the sparkle from your hair
Strawberry blonde with your p rickly stare'

They don't all come in a chunk like that, i couldn't get all of them.
I think the song was released between 1999 and 2002 and was played on Viva Zwei.

I remember what the video was like, if that is of any help. The band were in what looked like a maze which was quite misty and the lead singer had red facepaint over one eye. It's a fairly moody song, definitely of the alternative genre. It isn't particularly heavy and i'm not certain but id' hesitate to put it in the electronic category.

Any help would be great- i've already tried searching the lyrics but i'm coming up with nothing.