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Thread: Is memorizing Foreign lyrics the same as English lyrics?

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    Default Is memorizing Foreign lyrics the same as English lyrics?

    I do not understand Korean
    But there are alot of songs that I love that are in Korean, the tune is really beautiful.
    So I was wondering;
    I do have the lyrics.

    DBSK- Midoyo
    "midoyo chonnune banhandanun marur midoyo
    Gudaeyegen anirago marhaejiman"

    I do speak both Chinese and English fluently
    And it is very easy for me to memorize English lyrics
    So I was wondering if it was the same for Korean?
    Of course, the lyrics are pronounced differently
    But since I'm already asian, I was wondering if that would help?
    And I'm kind of getting how to do it

    So my main question is will it be just as easy for me to memorize the Korean lyrics as it is to memorize English lyrics?
    Or is there some language "catch"?

    AND does that go for all languages?

    Oh yes
    as we all know, Korean is like this:

    The lyrics I have are like the example above. Which makes reading it slower. But it has the pronounciation, which of course, I need ;]
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    No. When you understand the language the feel for the words differ. When you understand a language you know what the words mean and they have a specific feel and idea about them. When you don't, the words are just sing-song and they're not words so much as they are just a nice set of sounds that you're portraying for the sake of the song itself. Marche de la lune was a song I liked before I learned french, but after I learned it the song's words still felt a bit different in the learning process until finally when I really understood the language the words and thus the song had a different feel to me entirely. I'm confident you'll go through the same phenomenon if you plan to learn Korean.
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    i think that it could be easy just the same. i memorize japanese lyrics a lot easier than i do english ones. most of the time when i do listen to english music however, i dont even pay attention to the words. i just listen for the beat or background music. the words are kinda just an extra thing for me.

    it's a lot easier to memorize or remember foreign languages or lyrics for me maybe because they are not my native tongue? good question though. i never really thought about it myself. i just found that it was a lot easier to remember something that i normally dont speak. though i can speak some and understand some as well.
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    This is brilliant and should solve your problem
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    i think that if you know how to pronounce all the sounds that it shouldnt be too hard to learn the korean lyrics. i can sing along with some korean songs but its hard mostly becuz i dont know how to pronounce everything. but pretty sure there's no catch cuz the only difference between korean and english lyrics is that one is korean and one is english...(but remember that korean sentences are structured different than english ones)

    ps- DBSK rocks! i love them! =D
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