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    I just realize that i never talked about Louise Attaque before.
    During the 90's the parisian combo has been one of the most popular rock band in the hexagon. The band split up in 2001. The À plus tard crocodile album was the occasion of a momentary reunification in 2005.

    L.A. discography

    * Louise Attaque (1997)
    * Comme on a dit (2000)
    * À plus tard crocodile (2005)

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    oh yes...Louise attack...I love them! They were as well very popular in Quebec in the 90's. J't'emmene au vent is my all time favorite!
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    I have some great songs by them... but don't they belong in the folk forum? ?

    One for all and all for adore !

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    They are classified as rock rock/folk band. So it's hard to choose the good one!

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    Myeah You are right... I'm moving it to the folk forum because of the instruments they use. And the folk forum can use the attention

    Oh and by the way: great band.

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