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Thread: What do you think is the best decade in music?

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    Default What do you think is the best decade in music?

    I say the 90s... Nothing beats Jagged Little Pill. My favorite album of all time.

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    Oh, JLP is great....but there are lots that beat it IMO.

    I love the innovation of the 70's....just some great work was done.

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    I'm gonna have to say late 70's, early 80's. part of me wishes i could go back in time and just enjoy the music.

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    Definitely 1970s for me. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath... perfect decade of music.

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    70's hands down

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    70's and 80's for me, I can't pick just one decade. Some of the best bands ever blew up in those times and had amazing albums.

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    60's for sure. The most major innovations and experiments came from that decade. They were the inventors of modern music. I can't remember a decade with more diversity in musical offerings. My humble opinion

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    That period from the midSixties thru the earlySeventies (1965-1974) After Dec 31, 1974 there just wasn't the same massive amount of Quality stuff.
    Overproduced, slick but "dead" sounding s--- from nearly all artists, seemed to dominate their records. Berry Gordy and Gordy records slogan was "It's whats in the groove, that counts", well by 1975 you had fantastic recording technology available at even small town studios, 24 track or at bare minimum 16 track, and you had the DISCO ERA beginning. Anyone remember 'the Hustle'. Rock and popular music had gone from being having a grooving, punchy soulful, tappin' your foot, memorable riffs, and hooks, with superb blend of vocals, bass, guitar drive, B-3 groovin, memorable blazin' drumming to a more mechanical, disco-fyed, synthesised, wiki, wiki, wah , bad watered down Issac Hayes , & Shaft sndtrk, kinda thing. Then as DISCO takes hold, you get the worst atrocity in music before Rap was invented and that was Punk scene. Morons who couldn't play a lick, --what is amazing is people liked that sort of trash. New Wave came next and though most was horrible, unlike Punk, there were some very high quality Groups/Artists/songwriters and some groups like The Cars and many others that were top caliber musicians and live performers.
    I'm not saying that all decades did not give us some great stuff, it's just that the era from Beatles first Ed Sullivan appearance, 1st US visit , early Feb '64 thru not too much after Tricky Dick boarded Marine 1 helicopter for the last time (Aug 8, 1974) or Evel Knievel's Snake River attempt, It was over. Tons of music from that era holds up to the test of time. Even stuff created by artists/bands that did not top the charts, but were moderately popular. That was the "golden decade". There was some incredible musicianship from even the lesser known moderately popular acts. There was a huge change in how everything was played, the studio equipment technology and development of powerful Modern PA systems in those few short years in the late Sixties. Those pioneering artists set the "BAR" High and in my opinion, their standards of excellence has not been met by the overwhelming majority of artists in the nearly 40 years since. There are some superb artists today, there just aren't the huge quantity of them at one time as what you saw from say '66 - '73. Performers , who were extremely talented, with great stage presence, great musicianship, who put on a great show and produced timeless music.
    Lastly, I'll comment that the period from 1982 thru 1988, was the absolute worst for Rock . Some horrible stuff, indeed, dominated the charts, airwaves, the '80's sound that awful keyboard with basketball dribble drum sound. Like all eras, there was some great stuff too, but majority was absolute garbage. Maybe it was the mtv and everybody copied everyone to be "almost the same" on mtv in sound, etc. 1984 and 1985 were low points for guitar sales as those el-cheapo awful sounding portable keyboards sold like crazy. Anybody remember those electronic drum sets that were all the rage too. Nothing sounded worse.

    These are just my opinions, but unlike many of you, I'm old enough to have lived in those musical times. I also saw a tremendous number of great groups and artists on stage.

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    I wish I could pick '60s, '70s, and '80s. The Jimi Hendrix Experience in the '60s, Zeppelin in the '70s, and Metallica in '80s. Wish I could have lived it all
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    60's by far.

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    90s for me, mostly because I loved the grunge movement *winks at Freetime and Jusinofresh*

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    It was Difficult to pick between 70's and 80's. The 70's had a lot of great music such as The Misfits, Neil Diamond, and a bunch of others, but I am an 80's fan all the way. That was a great time for Rock 'n' Roll. It was when music was at it's prime.

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    I'm not sure if I said the 90's before but now I think it has to be the 70's. Or maybe the 70's and the 90's.
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    Hate to be a prude, but I voted 2000's... most of the music I listen to is alternative/indie, and some great indie records came out of the 00's. Example: Animal Collective -Strawberry Jam. =)

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