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Thread: Help Young Aspiring Artist & Musicians!!!

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    Smile Help Young Aspiring Artist & Musicians!!!

    My Project will be building a strong foundation to start a scholarship program, be able to continually provide aspiring artist and musician grants and fund music programs in school and the communities. These artist & musician will be also able to collaborate with each other on an international level and showcase their music worldwide. ( A songwriter can connect with a producer in Japan & get a singer in the UK to sing their song resulting in a worldwide collaboration.. ) My project will also inspire & motivate young artist to be creative & express them self through music by hosting monthly on-line musical contest, keeping hem occupied and away from negative influence in todays society.

    I am asking for your support. Please vote for my Pepsi Project. Currently Ranked 33

    1 ) Log in using your Facebook ID to vote
    ( Please like the page & have your facebook friends to help with the cause )

    2 ) Text 106812 to 73774 for a 2nd vote

    Thanks for your Time.

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    Great idea. I'm all for nurturing good talent. The thing is that you're probably not gonna get many responses unless you get active here. Regulars who see 1 post from a person who made a thread asking for help from the masses kinda falls on deaf ears.

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    Thanks for your reply, input and support..

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    You're welcome. Get your posts up and you'll see a significant change.

    Good luck to you.

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