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Thread: Soulja Boy disses Army Troops

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    Default Soulja Boy disses Army Troops

    Has anybody else heard this stupid song yet? It brings Soulja Boy to an even lower level, lower than the Bieb. If it was not for the Army and the rest of the United States Armed forces, he would not be able to even voice himself. What an ungrateful dip$hit.

    It sounds like all of his ****: repetetive, annoying, and mind-numbing.

    [ame=]Soulja Boy -- Lets Be Real(Official Video) - YouTube[/ame]

    This is a great answer song, basically telling Soulja Boy he's a busta and better watch his back, and it's infinetly better than the "real artist's" song.

    [ame=]Soulja Boy Disses Army Troops & Troop Replies - YouTube[/ame]

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    Total douchebag!

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    Below the belt and pointless, and considering how low he wears his that's pretty god damn low.

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    i could care less of the opinion of some rapper. most are mentally retarded to begin with and promote a consumer driven false violent lifestyle. im not bothering to listen to another dime a dozen rap song from some guy who probably didnt even get his ged.
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    Name calling is good though, more people should do it on this forum.
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    it's okay. he'll be irrelevant in another two years and within five, will probably be caught a truck stop glory hole working the stalls for money to buy smokes.

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    I know that Soulja Boy is hardly a relevant artist in the eyes of most hip hop fans. But how is him criticising the army any worse than when Green Day did it?

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    I'm not sure how an artist stating his political opinions in a song is a bad thing ever. Even if you disagree with their politics it can be a potentially interesting look into the mind of the artist.

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