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    Wink Grunge Speak

    This is a true story: Back when Grunge was getting at it's most popular, the lovely people at The New York Times wanted to know if Grungers had their own slang. They called up Megan Jasper, who was working at Sub Pop Records at the time, and decided to investigate. Megan thought the whole media obsession with Grunge was getting a bit ridiculous so she lied and said there was special slang that the Grunge kids went by. She made up a list of slang terms and their definitions. The list was published in The New York Times, it was titled "Lexicon of Grunge: Breaking the Code." It was revealed later that the list was a hoax.

    Here's the list:

    bloated, big bag of blotation - drunk
    bound-and-hagged - staying home on Friday or Saturday night
    cob nobbler - loser
    dish - desirable guy
    fuzz - heavy wool sweaters
    harsh realm - bummer
    lock - agreement
    kickers - heavy boots
    lamestain - uncool person
    pain ride - bus trip
    plats - platform shoes
    rock on - a happy goodbye
    score - great
    swingin' on the flippity-flop - hanging out
    tom-tom club - uncool outsiders
    wack slacks - old ripped jeans
    mickey sticks - older music fan

    You too can now be hip. You wouldn't want to be a lamestain.
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    the list was a fake? the world is falling apart around me!

    nob cobbler is a word my friends and I use to describe something entirely different though

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    "Dish", "cob nobbler" and "score" are all words I've heard being used for those meanings, though...
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    Here is the original list from the Times :

    And the original article, which, incidently wasn't written by Megan Jasper. Megan provided them with the list of what was suppose to be Slang used in the Seatle area grunge scene.

    Grunge: A Success Story - The New York Times

    Pretty interesting find, BB

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    I never liked the name,,,some really good bands in this Obsidian Rock sub-genre...there that sounds much better than Grunge to me...

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    It might be dead currently but the legends are still popular today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Grendel View Post
    It might be dead currently but the legends are still popular today.
    Yeah but the music is done. We can still revive it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtraNirvana View Post
    grunge is dead
    I beg to differ. There are current, new grunge bands out there that are just underground. I personally think grunge was meant to be that way. In the 90s it was trendy, and trends never last.
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    Lol, some of these words are a part of my every day vocabulary

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