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Thread: Favorite With The Lights Out song?

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    Default Favorite With The Lights Out song?

    My favorite would have to be Old Age, or like Verse Chorus Verse, I love the box set with all my heart, an amazing thing really, all beautiful songs!

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    I like Sappy from the third disc and also the performance of jesus dosn't want me for a sunbeam from the dvd

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    Ain't it a Shame. i know it doesn't touch the awesomeness that is the box set, but it's so damn catchy.

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    Smells Like Teen Spirit, Sappy, Dumb, D-7, Old Age.

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    I Hate Myself and Want to die

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    Quote Originally Posted by mashedpotatojohnson28 View Post
    I Hate Myself and Want to die
    You should probably see a shrink.

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    I can't help I enjoy the song. If it's wrong, I don't want to be right.
    I can help you change, tired moments into pleasure

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    Ain't it a Shame is great. The Wipers covers are fantastic. I really like Blandest, Old Age and Sappy. I Hate Myself and Want to Die and MV are good too, but I prefer the versions form the Bevis and Butthead soundtrack and the All Apologies/Rape Me single.

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