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    Default bass guitar?

    I have played a couple at school. I am thinking about learning one but i think i am left handed. I play it naturally like that. How can i be surte which hand to use. I have been told that i should learn to play right handed.
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    I am starting to learn to play the bass like my grandfather.
    I am left handed. He Could NOT teach me how to play left
    handed. So I learned how to play right handed. It is very easy
    now for me to play right handed so I think you should play right handed and see how you like it and if you don't like it stick with playing left handed :-D
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    not going to lie to you finding a new bass is alot easier if your right handed (unless your ordering from a catalog) but if you dont mind doing plenty of extra searching dont listen to him and learn it left handed just pick up any bass and do whatever is more comfortable.
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    Been playing lefty bass(I'm a lefty) since 1976, left-handed basses are quite easy to find now.
    I'd recommend the Ibanez GSR200L or Rondo has several inexpensive lefty basses.

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    Dad is left handed, and he found a left hand bass from a garage sale of all places. So if you are left handed i suggest you just hunt round for a lefty.

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    It doesn't matter whether your right or left handed,its where your comfortable with.There are many great musicians who are left-handed like jimi hendrix.Better follow your instincts,it will naturally lead you to a better playing.
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