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    Recently I've been listening to a lot of Rhapsody and Firewind, and I've got the main body of a power metal song, I just don't know where to start. Any specific scales Firewind use? Because I really like Gus G

    Please help!

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    Well, most guitarists use either a Major, Melodic Minor, a Blues Scale, a Minor Pentatonic, or a Major Pentatonic, or a Harmonic Minor, but some like Steve Vai like to use Lydian or Dorian. At least those are some of the ones I use depending on the key.

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    dude i just recently started working with some diminished 7 arpeggio's and it seems to me alot of those metal guys(and more too im sure) are using alot of those in there tunes. like for instance:
    C diminished 7

    e diminished 7
    d - 2
    g - 0,3
    b - 2
    e - 0

    a diminished 7
    g - 2
    b - 1,4
    e - 2,5

    go up and down those to form a pretty cool lil lick. gonna have to stay adding those into some of my bass playing for some bass sweeps Check it out and lemme know if u dig it and dig hose types of riffs.

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