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    Hi. Recently, I've been listening to a lot of of power metal, and symphonic power metal (Rhapsody, Firewind, Hammerfall, Blind Guardian etc...) and I would like to write a power metal song in the style of these bands, mainly Rhapsody. I need to know about lyrics, scales, tempo and anything else please. One of my concerns is that a lot of power metal albums are concept albums, so the song tells parts of a story, but I only want to write one song. How would I get around this? I have an intro riff which is based around the Melodic Minor in C. Also, how would I go about writing solos? I am fairly experienced, and can play reasonably fast. I can tap, and I am currently working on my sweep picking ability. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    If its C-minor, use a baritone like SCHECTER or a 7-string for one guitar tuned down to C. The other guitar should stay in standard tuning for scales, sweeps, riffs, and chording in the upper register. Synths and stuff would fill out the mix with a piano or HIGH-end String synth.
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