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Thread: learning the UKE

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    Default learning the UKE

    Hey guys, bought me a uke. I am learning it trough the web, and its going ok...
    Maybe someone have got some general tips or trick for playing... especially for the strums... THANX...

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    I got a ukelele too, it is an incredible cute instrument I think. It's different from a guitar, so you have to practice a little. Actually, I don't have tips or w/e for ya xd. I just learn the tabs at this site:

    Ukelele tabs

    and I use this online ukelele tuner:

    Online ukelele tuner

    uhhh, I don't read tips or tricks from other people actually. I just play the song, sometimes it needs a little time to remember the uke chords but that's all.

    Oh btw, I don't know if you have a special ukelele pick..?
    but, it helps to have a ukulele pick.
    I have to say, I don't have one but my guitar teacher does have a uke pick and he said it's helpfull to have a ukelele pick for your uke [;

    ukelele picks are different from guitar picks of course.
    with a uke pick, there is a type of fabric around it xd.

    So yeah xD.

    Question for you, what kind of songs do you play on you ukelele?
    what artists etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kurk05 View Post
    Hallo,, ma ge komt uit nederland dus ga ik ook deze taal gebruiken he...

    Die uke pick, is overal verkrijgbaar??? Want in Belgie als ge daar een muusicstore binnegaat kennen die er meestal niks van en verkopen er ook ma 1 of 2....
    Ik denk da ik via internet een goeie uke ga kopen want die ik nu heb is dus echt wel vrij basic... Misschien een electrische of zo??? Weet ge daar misschiens iets vanaf???

    Euhm ik speel zowel populaire als echte uke songs, alle da probeer ik toch... De akoorden gaan heel goe, ma de strums is wa moeilijker, ma da zal zeker met de tijd komen...

    Hier een site met wat ik met uke songs bedoel...


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    Hi kurk
    One thing I want to know before I give you advice - How much musical experience do you have? By that I mean, have you played any instruments before besides ukelele? If so, how long? Do you have any experience with theory or ear training? If so, how much?

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