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Thread: The Steve Albini Appreciation Thread

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    Lightbulb The Steve Albini Appreciation Thread

    Steve Albini is an audio engineer (he doesn't like the term "record producer") and has been in the indie/noise rock bands Big Black, Rapeman, Flour, and Shellac. Big Black in particular were very influential on the industrial music scene (though they weren't an industrial band themselves) with their hard/cranked-up drum machines and metallic/violent sounding guitars. As a recording engineer he has worked with Nirvana (In Utero), PJ Harvey (Rid Of Me), Pixies (Surfa Rosa), Bush (Razorblade Suitcase), Page and Plant (Walking into Clarksdale), and many others. Albini's recording style is very distinct, you can always tell when you're listening to something that he recorded. He is analog all the way, and very anti-digital. He keeps things very basic, using very few special effects so his recordings tend to have a very raw sound to them. He doesn't believe that record producers should be in charge of the recording sessions, and that it should be the artist that is always in control. He does not receive any royalties from any of the albums he records. He has engineered close to 2,000 recordings. Despite working with many high-profile artists, he'll record with pretty much anyone. Anyway, he's done a lot for the Indie-Rock world. And if you haven't heard of him then you should check him out.

    Some stuff from his bands:

    Big Black-Bad Penny

    Shellac-Steady As She Goes


    Some classic Albini recordings:

    Nirvana-Serve the Servants

    Pixies-River Euphrates

    Bush-Greedy Fly

    Godspeed You Black Emperor!-Rocket Fall On Rocket Falls
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    The man's a legend. In pretty much every used cd store you'll find about 5 copies of Razorblade Suitcase for 3 dollars. I don't really understand why. It's the best thing they ever put out. Shellac-Prayer to God is one of the most raw songs I've ever heard.

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