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Thread: Is anyone else here a Julian Lennon fan?

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    Default Is anyone else here a Julian Lennon fan?

    Hi All!

    Is anyone here a Julian Lennon fan?

    Depending upon your age or whether or not you may have seen some of his recent interviews in the past couple of years, you may or may not remember Julian Lennon. For those who don't know this, he is John Lennon's eldest son from his first marriage. Julian's mother is Cynthia (Powell) Lennon.

    I'm putting this thread under the Indie section because he is an Indie artist now since he is interested in keeping creative and financial control over his own work, which I think is VERY smart of him.

    He has a new album that has been released in the UK called "Everything Changes"; and he is working on getting it released in the US and worldwide soon. Depending upon what country you are in, you can still get a copy of his album, though. Below is a link to his official webpage if you want to find out more info on the album, listen to sound bytes, find out news on other projects he is working on, etc.

    He is also very active on his Facebook page, so come on over! The more the merrier! Julian is a very down-to-earth, sweet guy.

    Please be respectful of your comments, though, and keep in mind that he does visit his Facebook page on a somewhat regular basis. Therefore, he does read fan comments when he can and even replies. But don't take it personal if he doesn't reply to you. He is a very busy guy and can't possibly reply to everyone. Although, I think he would like to. He's just that nice of a guy.

    Julian Lennon - The Official Website

    Here is the video for the first single he released late last year called "Lookin' 4 Luv". The next single, "Guess It Was Me", is going to be released this Sunday, April 8th, which is not only Easter but his birthday as well. What better day, eh?

    Julian Lennon - Lookin' 4 Luv [Official HD Video] - YouTube

    Hope you enjoy and I look forward to talking to some new and old fans here!


    P.S. I just have to add this. Love this picture of him.

    Profile Pictures | Facebook

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    While I have no business in this area however I have to say there are probably some Julian Lennon fans. I hope they will come and support you guys.

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    Thank you for the support, even if you're not a fan, Franco. I love all sorts of music, so I'm sure we will find some music interests in common.

    Julian Lennon is an underrated music artist who wants to go it on his own with his own Indie label. It's just a matter of getting his music heard.

    It's ok if his music isn't everyone's cup of tea. We all have our music preferences.
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    P.S. To the mods: I'm not sure if you consider this an ad or not. I truly do want to discuss Julian Lennon's music here and thought I'd give a little background on his current music status.

    If you would prefer me to move this to the ads section, I will. Although, I am only a fan who is excited that he has released a new album, so naturally I want to discuss it.

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    Here is a recent interview Julian Lennon did where be talks about his reasons for taking the Indie route.

    Julian Lennon: I don't regret following dad John into the music industry |
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