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Thread: The Best Of The Blues

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    Default Can anybody recommend some great blues music?

    I like Albert collins, and b.b. king alot
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    Howlin' Wolf
    Muddy Waters
    John Lee Hooker
    Elmore James
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    I recommend:
    Robert Johnson
    Furry Lewis
    Muddy Waters
    Keb' Mo'
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    T-Bone Walker
    Albert King
    Blind Boy Fuller
    Blind Arvella Gray
    and last, but not least Leadbelly

    Just to get you started!

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    Could anyone recommend some great Jazz music?

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    The Beatles and The Eagles are fantastic bands ...Their music is so wonderful..
    These are my favorite musical bands so thats why i m recommending to you about these..

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    Default What is some good Blues music?

    I like Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, but I like the co-ordinated stuff. The music that actually has some talent. I like almost all types of music. Jazz and Blues etc. I'm going to make a Blues compilation CD for work and I need some song ideas. The music i'm listening to isn't as audible with certain equipment operating, so I figured Blues music wouldn't synchonize it's rhythm to the machinery etc. What's some good blues music?
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    There are TONS of good blues bands out there. Start out is a good progression of blues bands and some specific albums to check out:

    Robert Johnson
    Willie Dixon - I Am the Blues
    Muddy Waters - Electric Mud
    Howlin' Wolf
    Buddy Guy - Sweet Tea or Buddy's Baddest
    Lightning Hopkins - Trip On Blues
    B.B. King
    Eric Clapton
    Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
    Robert Cray

    You'd be surprised how much of music, even...ugh...metal, stems from blues. Hope that helped, I'll post more if I think of them.

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    Default Music help, I need to find some good blues music?

    I need to find some artists names that sing the good roll down the windows and rock out music. I'm going on a long road trip and would like to download some fun music. Blues or rock or anything that has a good sound. I do not know the names of any older bands. please help

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    Muddy Waters is a lot of fun.

    R.L. Burnside, too.

    Lightnin Hopkins, Howlin Wolf - check 'em out.

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    zz top, stevie ray vaughn, blues traveler, jimi hendrix, george thorogood, zeppelin, some of the white stripes (honestly) i.e. Ball and a Biscuit, tom goes on and on depending on which era you like, i would recommend Joe cocker anthology as well

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    That's a though one cause I don't know what you already got.
    But for Blues I'd suggest the Blues Brothers :-)
    And for ROCK, I can recommend AC/DC works fine with me.
    I never ride my car without AC/DC.
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    If you are looking fro newer stuff try out Luke Mulholland and Clayton Senne..

    Older stuff I second Muddy Waters

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    My recent favorites are

    Clayton Senne
    Betty Davis
    Luke Mulholland
    Muddy Waters

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    I don't really know much about blues, but is the blues in Blues Brother classed as good blues music?

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    Short answer Yes!!...I have the soundtrack and it is a good place to start if you want to check out the blues.

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