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Thread: My latest recording (Alternative)

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    Question My latest recording (Alternative)

    I was kicked out of my band for substance problems, so i've been playuing acoustic for a while, just startd getting a new band together! But yeah, my music software trial ran out, so i recorded using YOUTUBE. Click the link and check my skizz out. Tell me what you think. It woul be highly appreciated.

    URL Link -> YouTube - Hurricane Hydraulics Demo

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    Reminds me a bit of Nirvana. Awesome job. all i gotta say is get a microphone brotha, maybe 2 of them lol.

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    Man this is really good i'm impressed. I agree with SmokeScreen, your vocals need to be louder and clearer, but knowing you are probably just using a webcam makes it more impressive. Really does have a Nirvana feel to it ... very good job man.

    You should record something through Audacity or some sort of recording software program and put it up.
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