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Thread: Music riddled with mania and such

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    Talking Music riddled with mania and such

    Here's a couple of songs I've worked on recently, all of which are designed to be moody, even manic/depressive, because that's the idea I wanted to portray. An imbalance of internal feelings that would cause tension and all sorts of strange situations.

    Like You, Deep Below: This is my totally reworked version of an existing song, where the original was giving tragedy, and tragedy, and a little indifference, where as I wanted there to be some sort of victorious statement at the end, almost to fight back against the grief with spite and sarcasm, thus creating a false sense of happiness for protection. I guess.... I would very much like to hear what this song makes the listener feel, because at it's roots the song is based on the raw and confusing emotions caused by loss.
    Like You, Deep Below.mp3

    Messy Emotions: I wanted to get a feeling of child sitting inside of a house with a lit fireplace when it is snowing outside... The child is bored out of their mind, and thinking more than usual in their loneliness. They begin to wonder and worry about things children shouldn't have to worry about, and become extremely upset... However, when they look out the window, their childlike imagination takes over as they begin to see shapes forming in the snowy night outside, almost like whimsical dancing figures hiding in the thick snowfall.... This song is unfinished, so it ends abruptly.
    Messy Emotions.mp3

    Torture: This is a calm and pleasant song, despite what the name suggests, and I like to leave it up to interpretation as to why it is named "Torture".

    Critique is always welcome, but I'd really like to know what sort of mood these songs put the listener in.

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    Like You, Deep Below: This is really beautiful. It's a very moody piece and I think either you achieved what you set out to do, or you've described it perfectly. I'm not sure which came first, the music or the thought behind it. I can really feel the anger and the sadness and the snideness that a loss can bring. I like the way that the song begins. To me it begins with sadness and a longing, and then it grows into anger. Particularly, the bit that starts at 1:05 creates the sense of longing. But then the drums at around 1.50 reflects a kind of resiliance. I like that the piano leads the song out solo. To me it seems defiant. I really really liked this. Beautifully done.

    Messy Emotions: Immediately, I like the crackly sound you have here – evokes the warm feeling of vynl. I really like this, and I look forward to the finished version. I love the movement in it. It carries you along. I can see the picture you've described in the music. The turbulence is evident, despite the sense of excitement that the piano and the strings create. There's a kind of lovely contradiction.

    Torture: This is very beautiful. There's a lullaby-quality to it but then there is a strong sense of turbulence in it also – an underlying darkness, which is very interesting. You should make this one longer too. It's really pretty.

    I'm really impressed, yet again. You really are very talented.

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    Thanks much! Torture is also unfinished, I don't know why I forgot to write that...

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