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    Hello, all. On behalf of my impassible boredom, coupled with my unparalleled desire to relay my thoughts and feelings to the general public, I have stumbled upon the decision to compile my own journal of sorts. For those of you who take the time to read these things, good for you. As for the rest...

    ...well, we'll get back to that later. Updates will be added, obviously. In the meantime, please take time to enjoy the paragraph I have already provided for you, and continue to do so for...say...about eleven hours? Yes, that should suffice.
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    ha ha, cute! I am looking forward to reading your journal.

    Next entry?!!

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    My various entries in this thread will be comprised of more than only music. There will be a spectrum of categories:

    My Music - Self-explanatory. This is where I share my interests, interpretations, and views of the musical realm.

    My Outlook - How I view the world and those who live on it. My likes, dislikes, etc., will be described here.

    My History - The things I have had the fortune and misfortune of going through in life. There will be good; there will be bad.

    My Self - Who I am, as well as future ambitions and inner thoughts.

    I will officially begin this little ordeal soon.

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