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    Default Eternity of Secrets *An original Tale*

    I guess I lied about having one journal.....
    Anyway, I'll by posting one of my creations here, a really long ever expanding story.
    I also post it on various other sites (Quizilla, for instance) and remember, I'm a novice author right now, so yeah :P

    Eternity of Secrets
    Prologue: Assembly

    *On a desolate and empty street, exactly 15 figures stood garbed in complete black.
    The moon light and nearby lamps were the only feeble sources of light. All 15 wore hooded cloaks without sleeves, veiling any hint of their appearance. Surrounding the figures were trees, they were in the middle of a small park.

    The entire area seemed empty, but this was because time had been temporarily paused.
    An eerie silence filled the air, only the figure's breathing could be heard.

    The next week, they would initiate a new member into their exclusive ranks.
    That fortunate person had to be a believer...

    A tall figure, face completely veiled by a dark hood, spoke.
    “This town..... Find one in this town by the end of this coming Saturday. Solomon, brief them.”

    The voice was androgynous and had an aura of authority.
    When It spoke, you must obey. You will not defy.
    The voice itself was enough for one to tremble before this mighty being – yet, if one knew it's true power, one would be devastated by terror.

    With those few words, the Being vanished into nothingness.

    The remaining figures glanced at one another. One cloaked figure spoke, her words quick.
    “So, if that's all, then I guess ---”

    She was cut-off, for another figure, also cloaked, spoke. This was apparently Solomon.
    “No, that is not all. I have already found a good supplement to replace Jehovah. We just need to ensure that he is suited for the task.”

    One of the figures spoke loudly and brashly, with a hint of immaturity.
    “So, how does this person act? Like, what does he do for free time?” The figure spoke timidly and awkwardly.

    Solomon replied, calmly. “I do not know, which is why Daedalus,” he motioned towards a far off figure, who nodded, “must interpret our candidate and inform us of his characteristics.”

    The brash girl from earlier spoke randomly;
    “So, what's his name? How does he look? How does he act? What's his C.I.D.?”
    (By C.I.D, she was referring to the identification number this particular organization uses to label the Living.)

    Solomon raised his arm, a signal for silence. The girl stopped.

    “I cannot reveal the candidates specifics to anyone but Daedalus. I must ensure that no one else inspects him. But no worries, you will all meet him within 2 days week, when Aselda,” Again, he motioned towards a cloaked figure, “Judges him.”

    “Well, this has become boring.....” She replied.
    The girl paused, then sighed and promptly vanished into a cloud of black.
    Solomon gave a short glance down the moss covered street and he too vanished, followed by most of the remaining figures.

    Only two figures stayed behind.
    The taller one spoke first.
    “Charlotte.....You wanted to tell me something?”

    Charlotte nodded solemnly.
    “Leonardo... I was wondering....Is what we're doing....the right thing to do?"
    Before she finished her words, she immediately regretted them.
    No one dare question It's demands.
    Charlotte immediately turned away; shame and guilt swallowing her heart.

    Leonardo approached and spoke.
    “What the heart requires, you must indulge it. Even if it contradicts with logic.”

    With those words, he turned and vanished into the darkness.
    Charlotte, the lone figure, stood in the temporarily barren park.

    Leo was right.... but yet she still doubted his words.

    If only she could discover more about the new soon-to-be recruit.....
    Did Jehovah have these thoughts? Jehovah... The former Enlightened.

    A small tear fell streamed down her eyes, and with a wave of her hand, time was restored.

    She too, disappeared into the shadows.

    Less then half a mile away lay a young boy in his bed. It was exactly mid night and yet he felt as if he just blanked out.
    Earlier today, his friends had told him to stop by their house, but he had forgotten. Ah well, maybe tomorrow.

    But that dream he had.......
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    Enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thats awesome! you got any more?!
    i am loving that!
    lol sounds like organisation 13 :P
    "Bloody teenagers and their romance"

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