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Thread: Some Good Electronica!!!

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    Default Electro Alocer

    Note: These are my picks for "Good" electronic music, if you have some you would like to add please either PM or message me so that I can "approve" them. Or better yet, post your own list! The more lists the more variety. Thank you!

    OK, I've been slightly negative about alot of the electronica posted here and its high time I did something about that....

    I am gonna start posting some reviews along with electronic bands I feel are good...Hopefully I can keep finding the examples on Youtube, if its too underground I'll put a couple of tracks up so you can tell if i'm blowing hot air...Ok, first up is Hybrid. I looked, and found nothing on them in the Forum search and they rule so hard I felt they needed a bump..

    YouTube - Hybrid - Finished Symphony

    This is a finished symphonic work that they did and it is an amazing blend of organic symphony elements and electronic music. Enjoy and I'll keep posting till I convert some of these Happy hardcore listening kids... (No insult intended...)
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    Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
    -Victor Hugo-

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    Default Ok, Trentemøller this time...

    I've posted this album in my Electronic posting, but few venture there... There is just too much music for some people to handle. Trentemøller is one of my newest favorites and is an amazing producer. This song should speak for its self...

    YouTube - Trentemøller: Moan (Trentemøller Vocal Remix ft. Ane Trolle)

    Give it till the female vocal hits and I think you might agree...And if thats not enough, go get yourself some Trentemøller! Good stuff...

    YouTube - Trentemoller - miss you (the best song)

    And one of their great chills songs, leaves you lost and almost wordless through the whole thing......good stuff...
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    Wow, I'll have to check these out... in a few hours of course....


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    Default OK, Chicane now....

    OK, I don't expect everyone to like chicane, but it should appeal to those into higher BPMs... They are trance techincally and as such have alot of the similar aspects that make trance what it is, soaring synths, female vocals, ambient builds and high crescendos. These should help your understanding...

    YouTube - Chicane - Saltwater

    Most popular track by them, and one of the best, IMHO

    YouTube - Chicane vs Natasha Bedingfield - Bruised Water (Michael Woods Remix)

    Never heard this one before today, Its sweet!

    YouTube - Chicane - Offshore


    YouTube - Chicane - No Ordinary Morning

    Great video and track, also showcasing their slower side...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckethead View Post
    Wow, I'll have to check these out... in a few hours of course....

    If there's anyway I can help, let me know man!

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    It's cool, can't wait to hear these guys!

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    Default OK, Olive and then a break to let these sink in...

    Olive, is a vocal group that you'll most likely recognize because of ATB doing all the remixes of every popular track of theirs, so I'm gonna try to find originals or remixes that ATB had nothing to do with to give you a better Idea of their musical capability!

    YouTube - Olive ~ You're Not Alone

    "You're not alone" Remix that adds small break beat elements into the tracks.

    YouTube - Olive - Miracle

    Great track using very organic elements...Good stuff....

    YouTube - Olive - I'm Not In Love (Music Video)

    Cover, but a good cover! Enjoy!

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    seems to me your more of a Delerium fan, my personal favourite track of his

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    Good stuff defiantly! My apologies for being negative in your earlier threads, just not a fan of music that is too high energy. That track is bomb digitty....I am more of a melodic fan and not as based on heavy, fast beats.

    I've heard this song remixed at least a dozen times and impressed you found the original! And yes, it is more my style.

    Thanks for the post.
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    Default Massive Attack

    K border lining on Trip-hop/electronica...Great stuff to chill to..... I guess I'm more of a down-tempo person..I'll try for something a little more up beat next...

    YouTube - Massive Attack - Protection

    YouTube - Massive Attack - Teardrop

    YouTube - Massive Attack - Angel Video
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    Default Crystal Method

    Don't really have to say much about these guys...Top quality...I love the older stuff more but that maybe just because of nostalgia... "Vegas" is their best album IMHO.

    The Spawn soundtrack was arguably better than the movie...Leguzamo was brillant...other that that...
    YouTube - Trip Like I Do Feat. Filter

    Last track on Vegas, my personal fave...
    YouTube - The Crystal Method - Bad Stone

    One of the best female vocals tracks...
    YouTube - Comin' Back The Crystal Method

    Another good one....
    YouTube - Crystal Method - Jaded

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    Default Omni trio

    OK, a little "Intelligent Drum and Bass" for this one...I first heard Omni Trio in GTA3 on the Jungle station. Of course there was an MC screaming over it (one of my least favorite things about live Jungle) But he just shuts up on this one tune(first one) and it just opens up into this beautiful song...Ruined me for life...

    From GTA3's Jungle station..
    YouTube - Omni Trio - First Contact

    Great vocal...
    YouTube - Omni trio-Renegade snares

    One of their first break out hits...
    YouTube - Omni trio - Higher ground

    One of my favorites!
    YouTube - Omni Trio - Ocean Driver

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    Default Bran Van 3000

    K, These guys could be ruled into just about any/every category of music out there...The Album "Glee" contains all kinds of music, but here goes... Hope you enjoy, they are weird and its kind of a dice throw whether your down or not...Give it a go and see what you think.

    Their mostly here to showcase the variety of what can be called "electronica" all are samples used to create different melodies.

    Popular track and really fun actually....
    YouTube - bran van 3000 - Drinkin in LA

    Weird almost country/rap/electronica...
    YouTube - Bran Van 3000 - Couch Surfer

    Love the Zippo click sound effect, Trip/hop at its best...
    YouTube - Bran Van 3000 - Afrodiziak

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    Default BT

    Alright, there are so many BT albums out there I'm gonna focus on what I believe to be his best...IMHO "This Binary Universe". A bit of an ambient album it showcases BT as a producer for one of the first times....

    Chill track using mostly simple builds to eventually drop a huge build and change the song completely....
    YouTube - BT - This Binary Universe

    An ambient track that builds to and great crescendo...
    YouTube - BT (This Binary Universe) All That Makes Us Human Continues

    Another ambient track that lulls into a false sense of calm and drops a sick beat on you...
    YouTube - BT - This Binary Universe - 03 - The Internal Locus

    Love the broken aspects of this beat..almost left it out but couldn't...
    YouTube - BT - Dynamic Symmetry - This Binary Universe - 02

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    Default Elliot Lipp

    OK, One of my new favorites. He combines electro styles of the 80's with beat styles from the 90's to come up with a very cold, funky, impressive break beat sound.....Give it a listen... These are mostly from his Album "Tacoma Mockingbird".

    Sick track!
    YouTube - Eliot Lipp - Rap Tight

    I know I've heard these samples somewhere else....but not like this I'm sure....
    YouTube - Eliot Lipp - Vallejo

    Great speaker tester as it has great low ranges and great high ranges...
    YouTube - Eliot Lipp - Glasspipe

    The samples in here are amazing, so funky and so broken!
    YouTube - Eliot Lipp - Tic Tac

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