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    I'm usually a very happy person who is always joking and laughing but some minor things piss me off. I don't know why they do because they are rather irrelevant but I can't help it. Certain things just make me want to smash stuff.

    I just wish people would see that there is a whole world of music out there that they need to discover. Too many people listen to mainstream and are missing out on a lot of amazing bands. They wont even give any non-mainstream band a chance. They'll just skip it because the band doesn't have their songs played every 3 minutes on the radio.

    I was in the same boat once upon a time. I'd listen to the radio and had no idea what was out there. I smartened up and opened my mind to anything. I started doing some research under different genres and found out that there are BETTER bands out there than anythng any radio station can ever play.

    When I see people make lists of their favourte bands and it's all MCR, Fall Out Boy and Slipknot....oh man, I just want to take those people by the hand and guide them in the right direction. I know everyone has their own tastes in music and not everything I listen to is liked by others but bands like this are radio plays and these are bands that just about everyone grows out of. Once they find better bands, they'll go home and burn all of their Slipknot shirts and CDs and posters. I just find these bands to be fads. At one point, it seemed like everyone and their uncle loved Slipknot. All of those people now look back and wonder why they even liked them in the first place. We all go through it. I did, you will/did, everyone experiences a band that they love and then, as they get older, they wonder what they were thinking.

    Well, I kinda rambled about the Slipknot crap but my main point was that people should open their minds and listen to anything and everything at least once. I know in particular that most people wont give anythng with growls a chance but you have to find the right song. I never thought in a million years I'd listen to anything with a growl in it but, here I am. It's not my fav genre so I am not forcing it upon anyone, I am just using it as an example because the last song I would ever expect to like is one with growls.

    If you end up not liking something, that's cool, it's just not cool to dislike a genre you've never tried. Sometimes, just listening to one song isn't enough and you should experiment with other bands. I HATE metalcore but I found one song I do like. Just gotta look around, listen around, and have an open mind.

    Until next rant....

    Метал для життя
    I found a pink cigarette/On the bed the day that you left/And how can I forget that your lips were there/Your kiss goes everywhere, touches everything/But me

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    I dont like growls or screaming Only band I can listen to that growls is Opeth and I dont even mind akerfeldt's growls. They are just such a damn great band and awesome musicians
    Good old Rock n Roll will never die

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    Opeth are fantastic, I like 'em myself!

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    Nice rant PinkCigarette, iv been thinking about starting a journal myself about some of the more unusual stuff i listen to.
    It is a shame that alot of music doesn't get the credit it deserves, underground music is always about 30 years ahead of the mainstream, nothing original happens in mainstream music. Also the other gripe i have with mainstream music is that everyone ends up with the same influences, which makes things pretty boring if you ask me, just a more diluted version of what came before it.

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    Some people are just too close minded and think that if they listen to something other than what everyone else listens to they will lose all their credibility in school or wherever else. Sometimes when I show somebody a band that I like that isn't very well known, before they even get 20 seconds into the song, they look at me and shake their head. When I'm listening to something new I listen to the whole song, or at least a good majority of it.

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    To be honest, I think it works both ways. People who won't listen to anything that isn't mainstream, and people who won't listen to something because it is mainstream. I don't think popularity is even a factor when enjoying music. Just enjoy it on your own standards and merits.

    There's so much music out there; millions of records are released every single year. There's no reason not to explore.

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