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Thread: The Wolfs Howl

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    Talking The Wolfs Howl

    Hello you random wanderers onto this here journal
    Right so i guess you're wondering what im gonna talk about here....

    Welledy welledy welledy, firstly lyrics, i am in the midst of creativity and so am enjoying taking random chords and creating songs

    At the moment i am writing two songs:

    The first is a piece called "Salvation for the Angels". Which has a story to it, it's basically an old soldier recalling what happened to him in the wars, and he wants to tell his story before he dies.

    The second piece which i am putting the finishing touches too is a song i literally just wrote called "2012". This is a song also with a story.
    As many of you will know, 2012 is the year that the world is supposedly going to end. And so my song is about two young lovers on the day the world ends.

    So if anyone wants to randomly comment, or give advice, both would be awesome
    Or just chat, thats also a good one.

    Love ya all.

    "Bloody teenagers and their romance"

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    Ill just randomly comment that ill listen to them when/if you put them up on here when they're done.
    I remember hearing you sing on a vid on youtube when i first joined here. Can't for the life of me remember what you were singing, but i remember you had a great voice... if that makes any sense, lol.
    A trip to the England without a trip to Scotland.... is just a trip to England.

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    HAHA ty SMB, yeah when i got them finishedd,,, i shall upload to youtube and become famous.........or not
    I like you're picture :P

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    To SMB: " and i say 'hey, what a wonderful kind of day, if you can learn to work and play, and get along with eachother' "

    To Wolf: I think for 2012, I'm gonna wear an overly dramatic countdown t-shirt, where it counts down to the end of the world, and the day it supposedly happens it will say "It's all over! oh my god!" and if the world does actually end, it will at least end with some irony

    As for the song ideas, i like both ideas very much, i love the first one, but I don't really like the name of the second one, as it kind of reminisces of that topic that everyone has literally been talking about for the past while and the next 2 years. Ideas = awesome, embed video when you upload =)
    "Only the dead have seen the end of war." - Plato

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    Right im back!
    Ive written more songs!
    Meaning i need to get a band together or learn to play the piano!
    One of which i am doing!
    Unfortunatly its the piano so :P
    Anyway me and my friend ye-un have worked on a couple of pieces we will be recording soon. including a well requested evanescence song So we're gonna do my immortal and possibly breathe by paramore, ill keep ya posted.


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